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You can now view and print your current months FLAT RATE TELEPHONE bill online!  And this is only the beginning.  Soon you will be able to view calls you make on the next business day after placing them.  You will also be able to pay your bill on line. For now you can view your new invoice if you generated over $5 in billable calls.  Even if you did not cross the billing threshold you can view your unbilled calls.

Security is our main concern.   Therefore you will need to have a password to access your account.  There are two ways to receive a password. 

1.     Call us at 410-604-0300 or if you are not local to Chester MD call 800-653-0120 ( Monday through Friday 9 to 5 ) from the phone number that is also your account number.  Using caller ID we will confirm the call is coming from your account telephone number.  Once we have confirmed it we will issue you a password.

2.     If you are a ShoreLink internet customer, you may send an email to (include your name & telephone number) info@shorelink.net requesting your password.  We will confirm the email originated from your account.  Upon confirmation we will email a temporary password back to you.  Using it you can then access your online statement and set up your own password.  Not  a ShoreLink internet customer?  In that case, to insure your privacy, we will mail your password to the address on your Flat Rate account.


1.     Save and Protect it!  Be sure you distinguish between 1 ( one ) & I ( pronounced eye ) and o ( pronounced oh )and 0 ( pronounced zero )

2.     Click on the link below.  Enter your account number (it's the same as your 10 digit main phone number).  You do not need dashes or spaces.  You do not need to put a one ( 1 ) before your 10 digit number.  Tab or click on the password line and enter the password we issued to you.  Remember to capitalize it!

3.     Hit the enter key or click on submit to go to your personal records. 

PLEASE NOTE:  You will need a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your detailed records.  If you are not sure if Adobe is on your computer, once you have a password, open View Bill page, log in, click on (VIEW / PRINT)  and see if your invoice comes up.  If you do not have Abode you will find a free download link on your records page.  Just click on it and proceed through the download prompts.