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...... One Account Allows You To Place Unlimited Talk-Time, Long Distance, Calls From Any Touch-Tone Phone In Our Mid-Atlantic Service Area To Any Number You Choose To Call In our Mid-Atlantic Service Area.....

SILVER PLAN (Charged per call not per minute)

As a "SILVER PLAN" Long Distance customer of ShoreLink you will be able to make "Unlimited Talk Time" Long Distance calls from the Mid-Atlantic to 48 States & Canada for 39 per call (SILVER PLAN). 

If you qualify for the (SILVER PLAN), you will also be able to make Flat-Rate    (INTERNATIONAL) calls for only 69 for 25 minutes of talk time. That is as little as 2.8 per minute! This feature includes calling to over 30 foreign cities and countries.

At the time of your account you will be asked to select a 4 digit PIN number.  Using your phone number and this pin code you will be able to make calls from while away from home.  Pin-code calls will automatically be billed to your account.  This feature is great if you travel.  It is great for use from work, hotels, college, vacation, etc. You will also be asked to choose a password which will allow you to view & pay your bill online.

If you set up a "SILVER" account with us we will send you the Travel Card that comes with it for use when you are out of our regional calling area. 

The cost to use it is only 9 per minute (not prepaid and does not expire).  Calls made with this card will be billed to your Flat Rate account and you will have a record of your calls. 

Flat rate sign up and support are available 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.  After hours you can leave a message at our office or e-mail us at info@shorelink.net